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   The company is located in the eastern coastal city of Ningbo, China Cixi City, a distance to the current world's first Bridge 'Hangzhou Bay Bridge' south entrance 1 km, 80 km south of Shanghai, 60km north of Ningbo,convenient transportation, geography superior environment.
The company mainly produces sponge CNC cutting machinery, foam CNC cutting machine and the associated CNC systems, software development, and other precision metal parts processing, manufacturing. sponge CNC cutting Machine and hot wire foam CNC cutting machine has won the national patent. Company products are principally used in slicing and modeling processing for various high foam, PVA, EPE, EPS, phenolic materials and so on , and is the most ideal equipment in building, indoor decoration, advertising, toys model industry, aerospace industry model, furniture manufacturing and packaging areas, products exported to Hong Kong, Macao, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.
   In light of the foam industry in the world on the prevailing high cost of labour and raw materials wastage rate of the two big problems, Haien possession by virtue of their technical advantages, not only to the existing series of machines to improve, but also focus on new machines to design and development, and strive to design and manufacture a higher automated machines to maximize customers reducing costs.
   From the beginning of the creation of companies that focus on science and technology gold content to occupy the commanding height guide future high-tech, high moment on the world, a sharp, new technologies, companies have a strong technical development teams, and actively into the ISO9001 quality management system, the implementation of marketing and services integration strategy, determined to become the CNC production equipment industry's leading enterprises.
   Companies will, as always, pursue the "quality first; customer first" principle, with outstanding quality, reasonable prices, friendly service, tireless spirit and we work together for common development.
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